Ultrasonic Travel Portable Nebulizer Machine For Asthma

Don't Let Your Asthma Or Breathing Problems Be A Barrier Between You And Your Wanderlust! Use our Portable Travel Asthma Nebulizer for INSTANT help!

Create fine mist for better absorption small particles, Drug atomization and normal saline atomization particles.

Portable Vaporizer, Lightweight and Portable, one button operation system, continuous working at various angles can use anywhere and anytime.

Easy and Quiet, Silent Operation, virtually noiseless operation.

Low Residues, Low Medication Residue, minimize medication waste <0.1 ml, more efficient in drug delivery.


  • The portable nebulizer provides vapor therapy for common colds, flu, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and other breathing ailments. You can maximize the benefits by adding essential oils, salt or even your prescribed respiratory medication into the water. An instant fine mist of this nebulizer penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose, and throat for superb relief.
  • The nebulizer is made of medical grade and long-lasting materials. The portable nebulizer can be used for 10-15 minutes for better results. It's very easy and simple to use and has a single button operation. Moreover, it features patented ultrasonic mesh technology that helps to reduce all kinds of breathing problem easily.
  • The best feature of our portable nebulizer - it comes with flexible power options, either battery (2 AAA not included) or power adaptor. It's ideal as a travel nebulizer.
  • This nebulizer is perfect for everyday asthma management for patients of all ages. Our portable nebulizer set includes one mouthpiece, two breathing mask (1 for adult,1 for the child) and USB cable.
  • Our portable nebulizer operates without making any noise. It’s lower than 25 dB while working, can be used in a place as quiet as a library.
  • Easy to use, No need to wait, hold down the blue button and instantly enjoy a refreshing spray.


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