Sous Vide Machine Cooker Suvee Immersion Circulator

Are you Looking for Sous vide?

Then this is the one for you, Our sous vide With a powerful dual bearing brushless DC motor, paired with a double-core insulated heater, the Anova Pro keeps your water bath at a precise temperature as long as you need so there’s no disruption to your service.

Durable, Made out of metal & stainless steel, the Anova Pro is drop tested and IPX-7 rated; Drop the device on the floor or dunk it underwater, and you can keep on cooking with lasting power to handle the most demanding shifts in the kitchen.

Precise, Create dishes exactly how you want them for every guest using the Enova precision cooker Pro. The temperature probe is accurate to +/- 0. 05˚ C in bath sizes up to 100 liters at up to 92˚ C.Made for the professional kitchen.

Quality,Perfect results, every time. A temperature probe that’s accurate to +/- 0.05 ̊ C in bath sizes up to 100 liters, and a powerful circulation pump gives you supreme confidence that you’ll get brilliant results, every single time.


  • Simple design, incredibly easy to use
  • The exclusive circulating system, almost silent
  • Ultra-precise, accurate 
  • heat water much more quickly


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