shock game

Are you Looking for shock Game?

Then this is the one for you ,Our shock game test reactor is a virtual current that does not harm the human body. You can use it with is an electric shock game for teenagers and adults, not for children under 14 years old. 

How to play 1, Press the start button, and the 10-second timer starts. When the time is up, whoever does not press the button on the handle within 1 second will receive an electric shock. If you press too fast or too slow, you will also receive an electric shock.

How to play 2, Press the start button and the 4 LED lights flash randomly. When stopped, it may be one, two or all lights. A person whose light is on must press the button on the handle within 1 second or he or she will be shocked. If the red light is not lit, you will receive an electric shock if you press the button.

Party fun, Add fun for your next party, try this prank game with your friends and get an exciting time.


  • Shocking drinking game puts a jolt in your party.
  • Shock given out at Random.
  • Low or high shock felt selected.
  • Good for 2-4 Players, for ages 6 and up.



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