Professional Ping Pong Paddles

A perfect ping pong paddle for intermediate level players to get their ping pong skills to the next level. Tired of losing against your opponents? Your ping pong racket might be one of the reasons. BUY NOW!

Improve your game:-If you are an intermediate level player and you want to improve your game, you need this Ping Pong Paddle Set! You need help from your table tennis paddle and balls when you practice spin, as a beginner/intermediate. This ping pong paddles are specially designed for that because for a beginner/intermediate level player, will be almost impossible to handle a professional 200$+ table tennis racket, which needs a lot of practice.

Experience precision speed:- Feel the expert design and engineering of each racket from this table tennis set, as you make effortless contact with the ball and smash it back to your opponent! Performance rating.


  • Custom designed pre-assembled table tennis racket built to meet all tournament quality standards and increase the level of your game
  • Head dimensions: 6" x 6 1/8". Speed: 8. Control: 8.3. Spin: 9.
  • 2 ITTF approved Nitrx 4Z rubbers
  • 5 Wood Plies


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