Portable Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

Instantly "seal a meal" with our Foodsaver Food Vacuum Sealer Machine which will save you a tonne of money! Never waste a meal again!

Our state of the art vacuum sealer is an economical solution to keep food fresh Up to 6x Longer. Store & preserve vegetables, fruits & meats or vacuum for sous vide.

Simple operation, Easy one-touch operation. The machine can be stopped while working. Removable sealing strips for regular cleaning.

Lightweight and low noise, Compact size 13.8*2*2inches, weighs 1.4 lbs. With magnets on the back, just attach on the refrigerator surface, convenient to store. It's of low noise during the sealing process

Health Assistant, Food vacuum sealer can eliminate invisible damage, keep your family healthy. Many bacteria can survive at low temperatures and cannot be identified by smell or taste if the food couldn’t preserve better, Vacuum Sealer Machine can solve this problem well and provide good food preservation.

Preservation time, Vacuum preservation is 5-10 times longer than ordinary preservation. We offer a three-year warranty. If you receive a defective product, we will re-deliver a new product for free and provide technical guidance for a long time.

Superior material, The core components of vacuum sealer food packing machine use an imported heating strip and sealing element, and even the small gaskets of the vacuum sealer accessories are made of imported rubber.


  • upper vacuum air, By using a commercial grade vacuum pump and highly effective motor,  vacuum sealer works with strong air.
  • Open lid protection, Opening the lid will automatically turn off the heating element, ensuring safety.
  • Intelligent control: Intelligent temperature control to help ensure the bag seals perfectly.
  • VAC seal function: Automatic vacuum sealing
  • Inching function: Manual control the air suction, for Moist, Soft or Fragile Food, like Pickles, Bread, Grape etc.
  • Sealing function: Seal only the Bags, Do not vacuum.
  • Air suction: Connect with the hose to Vacuum Canning Jars, Containers, Box and Canisters to vacuum air suction.


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