pen camera


Quality, Our pen camera is light in weight, small in volume and convenient to carry. The application scene and range are wide, and it can be simply placed anywhere.

Multi-function, Motion detection camera (set it by yourself), one key records separately and one key records separately.

Multiple infrared lights, night vision effect is better and farther. 8-128GB memory card (not included); Support loop recording (configurable)

Battery timing, The lens can rotate 180 degrees. It's with low power consumption and long endurance (7-8 hours of continuous video recording and 15 hours of continuous recording)



  • Can record while charging, Lip Sync
  •  Video formats 1280*720P and 1920*1080P can be set
  • Motion detection camera (self-setting)
  • One-key video recording, one-key recording
  • Supports up to 128GB of memory cards (excluding memory card)
  • Support computer camera function
  • support loop recording (configurable)
  • Time can be set to be displayed or not


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