Pediatric Medical Stethoscope For Nurses and Doctors

Are you Looking for Stethoscope?

Then this is the one for you, Best Health Care, Best Gift! Our multifunctional Stethoscope is double head Stethoscope and designed for all auscultation. Acoustic transmission in the heavy metals did not decay the real clear without attenuation. Help you fast diagnose heart disease, taking special care of your physical health. It is widely applied for cardiovascular and respiratory auscultation in hospital, clinic, school, or home.

Stethoscope head, acoustic transmission in the heavy metals did not decay, the real clear without attenuation.

Quality, Great for listening to various bodily sounds such as the heart & lungs, respiratory system, digestive system. A range of noise reduction, reduce the sound produced by the head contact with the product probe.

Automatic spring back Y tube, long soft double tube, protection for a long time use, portable measurement, examine multiple body parts and to detect abnormalities. 


  • Made of eco-friendly material, safe, soft and comfortable to wear.
  • It can amplify the heart and lung sound, and can detect high-frequency sound.
  • Oblique type flat auscultation head is easy to insert the sphygmomanometer (table) armband, suitable for blood pressure measurement.
  • Lightweight and portable size, easy to carry and use.



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