Nursing Feeding Pillow

A magical bond between a mother and baby! The best time to strengthen this amazing bond between you two is while feeding your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feed your baby, this time has to be as comfortable as possible for both of you.

Our Nursing pillow is good support, a reasonable height so that your baby feeding is more comfortable, do not choke the milk like lying in the cradle.

Adjustable, there are three adjustments to the nursing pillow, choosing your own best care angle to provide the best comfort for your baby.

Quality, Butterfly and multi-layer maternal pillows can reduce the pressure on the mother's waist, prevent back pain, relieve arm pain, and ensure that the baby does not spit milk.

Comfortable fabric, the fabric is not allergic to the skin, the appearance is fashionable and generous, the machine wash is warm, the temperature is mild, and it is dry at low temperature.

Versatile, Multi-functional use can be used as a prenatal maternity pillow, postpartum breastfeeding pillow, sleeping pillow and foot pad.

Easy to carry, Can be discretionarily folded. Come with silk ribbon for fixing.

Multipurpose, The Nursing pillow is exclusively designed for mom and baby in Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and Propping etc. Though it is multipurpose and could be used in versatile ways. It is just great for use at home, also convenient for travel. You can use it on the floor to support your child as they learn to sit upright or wear it around your house for proper nursing support.


  • Allows the flexibility to adjust the right height with elevating baby to a comfortable position for both baby and mum

  • It provides comfort and ensures correct position while breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Helps avoid problems like a backache and shoulder strain due to an incorrect position.

  • Helps avoid strain or uncomfortable position specifically for those mothers who have experienced long labors, or recovering from traumatic deliveries and cesarean section.

  • Get the perfect latch with a flexible nursing pillow that elevates your baby to breast height; supporting successful nursing.

  • Supports upright nursing positions for little ones with acid reflux or GERD.


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