laser epilator

Quality, Laser epilator Remove hair from the body Remove excess hair, permanent effect, smooth skin from head to toe. The female epilator removes hair from the face (upper lip, chin, and side angles) and body parts, including the legs, underarms, bikini area, abdomen, and arms.

Multi-function, High quality, and safety Providing effective hair naturally and regenerating to customers is a frustrating experience. Using IPL technology, IPL technology in combination with quartz lamps inhibits root growth. The pulsed light wavelength is ≥ 550 μm. It has to overheat protection and eye protection to prevent eye and skin damage, ensuring painless and safe.

Body-friendly, Advanced features such as laser coverage and faster treatment times, the 5level pulse dimming setting allow you to choose different coverage areas so you can treat your legs or arms in minutes and ensure you get the best results.

Fast, gentle and easy to use The fastest IPL technology depilatory on the market. The armpit can be treated in 1 minute and a half leg can be treated in 8 minutes! Use it to complete hair removal in 48 weeks. The hair will become thinner after treatment.


  • Light source: Intense Pulsed Light
  • Energy Frequency:1.5J/cm
  • Focus size:33*10mm
  • Wave length:470nm~1100nm
  • Lamp tube life:500000 times
  • Operating temperature range:5~30℃
  • Operating humidity range: Relative humidity 30%~60%


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