Dog Wheelchair Wheels For Paralyzed Disabled Dogs

Are you looking for Dog Wheel chair?

Then this is the one for you, OurDog Wheelchair is easy to install, fully adjustable in height, length, & width, and portable due to light-weight & high-quality aircraft grade aluminum frame to provide maximum and optimal comfort & mobility to let pet enjoy walking and running with it.

Multi-function, Applicable for all kinds of dogs and cats and pet with limited or no mobility in their hind legs to walk and run normally and more easily, again with confidence and independence.

Well-designed, Enhancing the Quality of Life for my Dog and It changes your pet (and yours) life and she now has a better quality of life and it's given our lovely old lady a new lease of life! It fit very comfortably when fitted correctly.

Quality, Dense foam wheels with rubber treads will not puncture; great for your dog to explore all terrain.


  • Height/length/width can be adjusted
  • This dog wheelchair can be taken apart and put together with ease
  • Wheelchair is light and easy to be pull for pets
  • Help pet dog cat stand up and walk again
  • Portable to carry and storage

dog wheelchair


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