Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

Are you looking for Bone conduction Headphones?

This is the one for you, Our conduction headphonesallowing ears to be open to surrounding sound, suitable for runners and bikers, great stability while exercising Ergonomic and anti-drop design, titanium wraparound headband is lightweight (38g) and flexible, great for durability and portability.

Wireless  connectivity, with great sound quality and clarity up to 10 meters away from phone, iPad and other devices, built in microphone, clear calls.

Large Battery ,Build in 180mAh Lithium battery with 2 hours recharge can be used for up to 6 hours playing time, 240 hours standby time.

Bone conduction technology,Works by vibrations, sound transmit via cheekbone to your cochlea’s, which avoids hearing impairment compare to ordinary earphones. Open-ear design helps you stay alert to your surroundings, avoid danger and meanwhile enjoy music.


  • Great inventions one Conduction Headphones are designed to transmit sound through vibrations in the human release both ears and help people with hearing loss.
  • Comfortable and Safe: The Bone Conduction Headphones using Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, don't need to cram the receiver in the ear canal can listen to the music and answer the Phone, and your ears can hear the sound of the surrounding, very safe.
  • Usage Scenario: Bone Conduction Headphones are sturdy and sweat proof, suitable for running, cycling, fitness, and hiking, rock climbing, and driving. Antiperspirant Design can reduce the production of Bacteria to protect the ear.
  • Product Configuration: Built-in 200 milliampere lithium battery takes two hours to be fully charged standby for 7 days listen to music or answer the phone for 5 hours, connection distance is about 10m.

bone conduction headphones

bone conduction headphones

bone conduction headphones


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